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First Steps

How does the test work? The test consists of reading, listening, vocabulary and grammar tasks. For each level there are 30 questions.

What do I have to do? Sometimes you must click on the correct answer, sometimes you have to write the answer yourself in the box provided. To hear the listening texts you have to click on the loudspeaker icon. You can hear the audios three times. After each task you click on the button to take you to the next task, until you reach the 30th and final task.

How do I get the result? By clicking on Evaluation you get your result. You are also told whether you are at the level that you chose, and if you get more than 80% you will be recommended to try the next level. You will also receive advice as to how to continue to improve your skills in German with the free offers of Deutsche Welle.

How do I start? Register on the first page of the level (A1, A2, B1 or B2) you have chosen, then click on the button and this will take you to the first task.